6 Myths about hiring a wedding planner

Confused whether you should be hiring a Wedding Planner? Check these points and you may just have your answer!!

MYTH 1: They are an additional cost

TRUTH: Most number of couples don’t even think of hiring a wedding planner as they feel wedding planners will add to the total budget of their wedding. Instead, can save on that cost and start planning everything on their own. And then comes the harsh reality when they start meeting vendors and venues. And spend days and days in doing the research and planning. The fact is wedding planners are not an additional cost. They bring you the best rates across as they work with the vendors day in and day out. They save you from all the stress and running around which indirectly saves a lot of time and money. They bring the expertise, which will help you choose the right vendors and also bring innovative ideas. In a nutshell, they keep you sane, save you time, energy and most importantly money!

MYTH 2: Wedding planning can be done with the help of family and friends

TRUTH: Couples feel wedding planning can be done by consulting few family members and friends. We try to follow the conservative ways of planning a modern day, new age wedding. Remember your family members and friends are also as new as you to wedding planning, if not, may be they have helped in planning one wedding or two. But an expert’s involvement can make all the difference. Not to forget, with everyone’s busy schedule, it becomes really difficult and tedious to run around till the wedding day. And on the wedding day too, the stress of coordination and getting everything organized leaves you completely drained. So, hire a wedding planner and leave all the stress to them while you and family have a time of your life!

MYTH 3:You need a wedding planner only if you are planning a destination wedding

TRUTH: Whether you have a destination wedding or a wedding in your own city. You definitely need a wedding planner as they bring in their expertise, they save you time, money and energy. They bring in knowledge required to execute your dream wedding. Yes, destination weddings are much more difficult to plan than having it in your own city. But how much time do you really have to dedicate to planning your wedding, doing the running around, and incase you both are working, handling your work commitments as well as family commitments will barely leave you any time to enjoy your wedding planning.

MYTH 4: They work with fixed venues and vendors

TRUTH: Wedding planners work with any venue that you choose as your wedding venue and if you have a special requirement of hiring a particular vendor, they are completely flexible working with them too. Wedding planners usually have tie ups with venues and vendors just to forward you the benefit. But the choice remains in your hands; you will be the one to decide which vendor you would like to hire.

MYTH 5: They will dictate your budget

TRUTH: Wedding planners work in the budget you provide them. They will get you the best vendors across as per the budget given by you. They will help you bifurcate the budget and guide you where you should look at spending and where you can save.

MYTH 6: You need a wedding planner only if you have a big budget wedding

TRUTH: To hire a wedding planner, you don’t necessarily have to have a big budget wedding. As long as you want to do something different and want a stress free wedding for you and your family, you should think of hiring a wedding planner. They have the expertise and ideas to turn your dream wedding into a reality!

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  1. I am looking for a wedding planner for my son’s wedding on dec 20, 2016. If interested please get in touch with me on my email.

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