Kevin & Deepika – White Vintage Theme Wedding

White Vintage Theme Wedding

The Bride & Groom 

Kevin & Deepika are a fun loving & easy going couple who wanted to break the traditional barriers of a catholic wedding reception. They were up for a lot of creativity and loads of fun. It all began with the first meeting at a popular café joint. The couple gave us a vision of what they wanted their dream wedding to be like. Now, it was our turn to envision their dream and turn it into a reality.

The Couple’s Monsoon Pre Shoot

We started off by organizing a pre shoot for them, it gave us a chance to get to know them better and vice versa. Though reluctant and hesitant at the beginning, it didn’t take long for the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera. The groom got into the Bollywood mode and even lifted the bride, and the results were simply outstanding. Light showers added to the moment and added to the beauty of the pre shoot.

White Vintage Theme Wedding White Vintage Theme Wedding

Wedding Invites & Their Magical Love Story

Now we had to start with the wedding invites. After a lot of brainstorming and too many coffees we came up with the idea of using the pictures from the photo-shoot and started working on the invite design. We used their actual love story which is nothing short of a Bollywood movie and implemented it in the invite. So the story goes like this. Kevin & Deepika met in the UK where they were doing their Post-Graduation studies. It was love at first sight for Deepika. Kevin was an easy going guy and did not think of anything then. So they continued to stay friends, being there for each other. A year later, Kevin returned to India and took up a job in his hometown, Mumbai. This however, did not stop the two from chatting, late night conversations over the phone, skype and so on. As luck would have it, Deepika decided to come down to India and since she had a connecting flight from Mumbai, they decided to meet. Little did she know that Kevin had planned to propose to her, which he did and she was all head over heels. This is how the invites turned out and everyone loved them.

White Vintage Theme Wedding

Wedding Brief

The couple wanted a modern, elegant, western style catholic wedding reception. The bride wanted a lot of lights to be used (aka Light Wedding), so we started working on the décor and getting things together. After several meetings and discussion with our team, we decided to work on a White Vintage Theme Wedding. We proposed this idea to the couple and they were game.

White Vintage Theme Wedding Décor Overview

We decided to put multiple frames together to create a modern elegant look. Small touches of flower arrangements accompanied with greens, tea lights, crystals and cages added to the beauty of it. The entrance gate too was designed on the similar lines to match the theme. We used crystal strings and accompanied it with floral arrangements and cages. We wanted to create an experience for the guests while they enter the wedding venue. Hence, we had two trees on each side with white trunks and used cherry blossoms and crystals.

For the photo booth we used golden rustic frames in rectangle shape along with an oval size frame to compliment the overall look. Flower arrangements were done at the corners to add to its beauty. We used various signages both funky and elegant to add a personalised touch to the décor. The guest book are was a place where the guests had to leave their wishes for the couple. Here we used the vintage cycle, flower vase, rustic table, hats and frames as props. The outcome, simply brilliant!

White Vintage Theme Wedding White Vintage Theme Wedding White Vintage Theme WeddingWhite Vintage Theme Wedding

White Vintage Theme Wedding Chandelier Cake

We saved the best for the last. Something everyone was in awe of. This masterpiece was designed with special attention to detail. A one of its kind, where every baker would think twice before trying their hands on this one. A Chandelier Cake, hung upside down on a chandelier cake stand. The stand was decorated with greens and small white flowers. The look of the cake was complete with a touch of gold and pearls. This was certainly a showstopper!

White Vintage Theme Wedding


Take a look at this magical wedding pictures White Vintage Theme Pictures

The Wedding Film – Kevin & Deepika

This is what the couple had to say about their Dream Wedding

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Creative Wedding Planning Tips – Your Day – Weddings & Events

Creative Wedding Planning Tips by Your Day – Weddings & Events

Wedding trends keep changing every year. Nowadays, many couples want to do something different and unconventional for their weddings. Couples don’t mind trying new ideas and be the trendsetters!! And we love that!

Professional & Creative Wedding Planning Tips from our Expert Wedding Planners

  1. Save the Date

You want to inform your guests about your wedding date in advance so that they can make all necessary arrangements to be at your wedding, especially if it’s a destination wedding. This will help you announce it in style. Have a pre wedding shoot done, you can also add a pre wedding video if you would like to. Go to beaches, gardens, theme parks, forts etc. and have beautiful pictures clicked of you two. Take the pictures and make a very attractive creative or if you love handing out cards, there are many out of the box ideas for that too. This way your guests will know they are in for something really different. This will also help to create excitement for your wedding and your guests will be looking forward to it.

  1. Wedding Invites

This is going to be your first official communication to your guests. And you can get as creative as you want. You can look up for some ideas online as per your theme or create your own design and idea. Execution will be really easy if you have a wedding planner on board as they know exactly what you are looking for and where can you get it done from.

  1. Create a Theme

This is the foremost and the most important factor of a wedding. This is where your creativity begins. You can do some research on the trending themes or can create a theme with the help of your wedding planner. This is what will define your wedding and rest of the creativity.

  1. Wedding Décor

Wedding décor will revolve around the theme you have selected for your wedding. You can have different themes for different occasions. For eg: You can have a fun theme for your sangeet, some traditional theme for your haldi and a completely different theme for your wedding day. You can talk to your decorator and see if he can execute these themes for you or if u have hired a wedding planner they will be able to execute it for you. Having a photo booth is a great idea, it always adds up to the fun quotient in the wedding. You can also create a guestbook area and have the guests write down their wishes for you.

  1. Wedding Stationery

This is another area where you get a chance to show your creativity. You can stick to the theme you have selected and have your wedding stationery like invites, menu cards, wedding itineraries, thank you cards etc. designed and printed. These small things add up to the whole experience and give a personalized effect to the wedding. It’s something the guests will always remember.

  1. Couple entry

This can get as exciting and creative as you want it to be. You can choose to have a fun entry or a royal one, or a romantic one. The kind of entry you choose will completely depend on your personalities. You can have separate entries or can have it together. Whatever you choose to do, remember, this will leave a long lasting impression on your guests. Boys don’t forget to carry some swag! And Girls, kindly put on your radiant smile, it makes all the difference.

  1. Favors

This is usually the last piece of communication from you to your guests. Make sure it speaks about you both. You can have a personalized favor with your names embossed on it. Don’t forget to add a thank you note showcasing how glad you were to have them at your wedding. After all, every time they see it, it’s going to remind them of you and your wedding for many years to come!!

So go ahead and make your wedding more creative. For more Creative Wedding Planning tips;

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