Wedding planning stressing you out?

Wedding planning can be a daunting task. It may seem fun when you start the initial planning . However with time the stress levels can get too high. You will have to juggle between work, friends, family and deal with all the wedding planning woes. We understand how much this day means to you. Hence here we are sharing a few expert tips if you are someone who is caught in such a situation.

Here is what you should be doing to make your Wedding Planning Stress Free

Wedding Planning

1. Don’t compare your wedding to others

Wedding planning is an art, each has its own beauty. “No two weddings are the same”. A lot of brides get really worked up trying to do things they previously saw at a friends or relatives wedding. You really don’t have to. You will just be repeating something that has already been only to realize it really does not fit your style and budget. Get innovative, try things that have never been done before. Leave your guests in awe of things they never expected to see at your wedding.

2. Take a spa

Wedding planning is really stressful because its the first time ever in your life you will be coordinating, talking to different people at a given point of time trying to explain different things to each one and the stress only gets greater as the big day approaches. Take a break and hit the spa with your better half. Get some alone time, not only will it relieve you of the stress but will also give you two the time to spend quality time and discuss on the important things

3. Wedding Insurance

With weddings getting better and bigger, so are the risks of things going drastically wrong. A lot of companies these days offer wedding insurances that cover a lot of the big risks and also the smallest of details. Venue being cancelled, advances paid to caterers, decorators in the event of a mishap are covered.

4. Get a wedding website

A wedding website is highly recommended as it can serve as a single point of contact to all your guests. All important information can be communicated through the website and your guests in any part of the country or the world will have access to it. No more hassle of calling each guest individually to inform about minor changes or any major happenings. You can post pictures, manage rsvps, add a theme, play your favorite song and much more. Moreover you can also secure it by setting up a password to make sure only your guests have access to it.

5. Hire a wedding planner

Need we say more? Hiring a wedding planner is one of the wisest decisions couples have made and are making. Your wedding planners is your single point of contact and they handle all your stress. Being professionals, they know to get the job done easily and effectively, from coordinating with vendors, to suggesting the best possible options, for that matter even hearing you out. They have seen it all and handled them in a way no one has or ever can. Most couples consider a wedding planner as an additional expense. Fact is they are a wise investment that any couple can make because you will end up saving a lot of money that you would have spent otherwise on the not so important things. Not forgetting the fact all the stress that they take away and executing your big day to perfection.

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