Best Wall Clock Brands in India

6 Best Wall Clock Brands in India 2021

6 Best Wall Clock Brands in India


One of the most used daily object in our life is Wall clock, a good watch can give you confidence and can mentally give you peace. Wall clock are generally easy on pocket and can enhance the look of your house or office.


In this article we will discuss about the best wall clock brands in India.





Here are my top 6 Best Wall Clock Brands in India:


Product Name

Product Type


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Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Click n Ship Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Oreva Roman Figure Round Plastic Analog Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Ajanta Plastic Round Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Amazon Brand - Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock

Wall Clock



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6 Best Wall Clock Brands in India:


Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock


Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock


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The product comes with Arabic and Stick time marker, with the hand design which is stylish and elegant, the analogue display of the clock from the brand Ajanta is round in shape and has very minimal and simple design which enhances the look of the watch. The hands of the watch are of black colour while the dial is white.


The watch comes with an hour hand, minute hand and one second hand which helps to read the time clearly and correctly. The Arabic time marker on the other side helps to determine the minutes correctly and gives a vintage and classic look.


  • The wall clock by the brand Ajanta gives an elegant look to your room and the watch readings are very clear and can be visualized from any of the angle
  • The watch does not make any typical sound, which qualifies this wall clock in the Best Wall clock in India category

  • The golden rim is not satisfactory of the wall clock, as the finishing is not quite appealing


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Click n Ship Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock


Click n Ship Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock


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The wall clock from Click n Ship is a pendulum clock which is manufactured keeping in mind the traditional style. As per the manufacturer, this clock is stunning and provides high quality and is suitable to be fixed anywhere be it office or home.


The frame of the wall clock is super slim, which makes the product stylish, smart looking and classic at the same time.


The clock from the brand comes with warranty of one year, and is syrely one of the best wall clock in India.


  • One year warranty on the clock, plus it does not produce any “tick tock” sound
  • The small pendulum may be an issue


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Oreva Roman Figure Round Plastic Analog Wall Clock


Oreva Roman Figure Round Plastic Analog Wall Clock


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The size of the wall clock is 32 x 4.5 x 32 Centimetres and the shape is round. The clock is made with the fancy wooden finished plastic wall which gives a vintage and ancient look to your office or home.


The clock can be operated using single battery and the design of the watch can enhance the look of the wall.


The wooden finishing touch of the watch manufactured by Oreva gives a elegant look which is attractive to the eyes. The movement of the clock is “tik tik”.


  • The elegant look of the watch is appealing and it gives a vintage look to your wall
  • The sweep movement is lacking in the watch


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Ajanta Plastic Round Wall Clock


Ajanta Plastic Round Wall Clock


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This wall clock by Ajanta is very simple; the shape is round and is perfect for your office or home, wherever you want to fix it. The clock is made up of plastic and the manufacturer looks that the material of the product is durable and is long lasting.


The gorgeous shade of the clock qualifies it in the list of Best wall clock in India. The wall clock follows the step movement.


  • The gorgeous shade and the high quality material provided by the brand
  • If you have big room, then the wall clock may look small as the size of the product is 20.5 x 3.5 x 20.5 Centimetres


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Amazon Brand – Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock


Amazon Brand - Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock


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The frame of the wall clock is made of high quality plastic and the size of the dial is 12 inches. The numbers are clearly visible and are big enough to see from the transparent white glass.


The best part of the clock is it does not produce any sound when tracking the time, as it follows sweep movement. The wall clock is quite sophisticated in terms of look as the mixing of colours is attractive to the eyes.


  • The look of the watch with the vibrant colours is beautiful
  • The clock lags sometime, like after 5 months which can be an issue


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Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock


Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock


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The material of the product is plastic which is black in colour; the wall clock follows step movement and can be mounted easily in the wall. The size of the wall clock by Ajanta is 175 mm x 175 mm x 35 mm and is square in shape. The design of the clock is very elegant.


  • The product is stylish and runs smoothly
  • The clock is quite small in size


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Buying Guide For Best Wall Clock Brand in India


A wall clock is an fundamental section of each home. It is no longer simply used for displaying time; it truly completes the entire room. There are masses of designs and fashions reachable in the market. Choosing the satisfactory one for your domestic can be tricky.


You want to reflect onconsideration on some fundamental elements earlier than choosing a wall clock. Also, you might also desire a one of a kind wall clock in accordance to each room.


So, right here is a shopping for guide for you to take a look at these elements earlier than shopping for a wall clock. This will assist you type out your necessities and then pick a wall clock.





Wall clocks are reachable in nearly each and every colour. Some are vintage whilst some are fusion. You can get digital and cutting-edge clocks too. Shapes and sizes are additionally plenty. You can attempt experimenting on what will seem the satisfactory on your wall.

Wall clocks do have sounds enjoying for each and every one hour. It is a gorgeous mixture of refined and lively song that will go with the time of the hour. Based on the frequent pastimes of people, right here are some of the much-needed qualities in a wall clock.

Visibility: You want to have a wall clock that appears attractive in your room. The numerals must be seen and clear. The the front glass need to now not be shady or too flashy to mirror light.


Material: A long lasting cloth for your wall clock is important. They should final for lengthy as wall clocks are now not some thing that you purchase frequently.


Battery life: The wall clock must work properly for lengthy so they can use two to three batteries.


Looks: The appears of the wall clock and its outer physique ought to in shape your style and additionally your room. It can both be in contrasting or matching colours.


Sounds: The sounds produced with the aid of the wall clock ought to be pleasing. They should have a sensor to decrease the frequency when the lights are became off.


Number display: whilst shopping for a wall clock you ought to additionally appear out for the variety display.


You may additionally like everyday numbers, Roman numerals or once in a while no numbers at all. It have to be the best wall clock that has all the points like sounds, appears and visibility.



Digital or analog


The first and primary thing is finding out whether or not you favor a digital or analog kind of wall clock. Digital clocks are unconventional and minute/second fingers are absent.


They show time in a greater correct manner than analog clocks. They use LED (Light Emitting Diode) or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to exhibit time. Also, they encompass all the divisions of time like the hour, minute and the seconds.


These are normally in monochrome diagram with a undeniable black historical past and pink digital numerical. They can both use a battery or be connected with an AC electricity grant supply on the wall.


You can pick out on what you are the most cosy with. Analog clocks are the everyday wall clocks that use the hour, minute and seconds hands. They are accessible in extraordinary styles, designs and colours.


These are now not confined to one form or size. Also, you can pick a clock that has all three arms or simply hour/minute hands. Even vintage clocks are accessible that seem to be elegant and stunning.


For the numbers too you have received various choices. Roman numerals, easy lines, everyday numbers, numbers in cursive etc. Some have all the twelve numbers whilst some have solely 4 and the relaxation are simply plain.


You additionally get wall clocks that have no numbers. You can analog clocks that are both mechanical or quartz. Both digital and analog clocks want to be set manually only.



Ticking or silent


If you have chosen a digital wall clock then there is no want to suppose about ticking sounds. Analog clocks, on the different hand, make sounds whilst ticking.


In case you are excellent with the ticking of the second’s hand, then wall clocks with these sounds are suitable. But if you are searching for a wall clock that goes in silent locations like the bedroom, convention halls, places of work then a silent clock is preferable.


These are perfect for kids’ room as nicely due to the fact they want a proper night’s sleep each day. The ticking wall clocks come with a second’s hand.


This continues making sounds each 2d it ticks. If you like to have a second’s hand however now not like the ticking sounds, there are clocks like that too. As they are silent, they come with some extra function like a rotating swan or duck.


Some clocks observe the traditional diagram and have a pendulum inside the clock. All of these elements are simply introduced to make the plan appear pleasing. None of them makes any noise or sounds.



Battery life


A suitable wall clock will have a real looking battery life. The wide variety of batteries relies upon upon the points of the clock.


If the battery existence of the wall clock stays for long, you want no longer trade them frequently. This is relevant for each digital and analog clocks. None of us will like having a clock that is no longer working.


Battery lifestyles additionally relies upon on the cash you spend on the wall clock. The extra you spend the greater battery lifestyles you are in all likelihood to get.


Before shopping for a piece, make positive you comprehend the use of each battery slot. This helps you whilst you want to trade the batteries.





The measurement of the clock is very vital as it has to coordinate with the room size. It will now not seem to be attractive when you attempt to in shape a massive clock in a small room.


Similarly, a small clock will no longer be seen in massive rooms. You may additionally prefer to dangle the wall clock proper above the door or on the contrary wall in a room. The dimension need to additionally rely upon the wall that you select.


If you are opting to use the wall clock as the solely ornament on a wall, then the dimension ought to make a statement. A easy way to decide the proper dimension is with the aid of understanding the proper size of the room.


Keep a take a look at on the different decorations that you have brought in the room. If you are planning to put a wall clock on a simple wall, then massive ones are fantastically recommended. If it has already acquired some decorations like picture frames, tv then a medium sized clock is good.


A properly deliberate and proportionate room is what all of us will love to remain in. The room will seem messy if you attempt to add a lot of decorations all at once. There is no motive of inserting a small wall clock on a ornamental wall too.


Your wall clock will lose its appeal when it is no longer highlighted due to the fact of the wall. Hence, make positive the vicinity and dimension of wall clock fixation are finished perfectly.



Theme and decoration


Wall clocks are based totally on distinctive issues like an antique, modern, designer, cartoon-based etc. This is once more structured on the reason of shopping for the wall clock.


If you are getting one for your workplace then some thing easy but cutting-edge works well. For a dwelling room center of attention on how the relaxation of the room is decorated.


If your furnishings is comfortable and is primarily based on nation-state decorations, then a huge vintage clock is perfect. You can go for modern-day clocks or digital wall clocks if you have a room that has minimal decorations.


Several clothier clock fashions are on hand that are designed via well-known indoors designers. These seem dependent and decorate the sense of your home.


If you are shopping for one for your kid’s room, then there are a lot of choices. Wall clocks come with their favourite caricature characters, exceptional cars, vehicles and more.


You can additionally purchase personalised wall clocks for bedrooms or studying rooms. This is a accurate desire to refresh your self on every occasion you go to the room.


Antique clocks are additionally on hand in extraordinary models. Some have received the typical pendulum whilst some are made in the retro style. You additionally get wall clocks that have small small print like a rotating swan or creature.


Wall clocks can do extra than simply exhibit you time. You get clocks that decide the humidity, measure atmospheric strain and temperature. These are very beneficial as it maintains you conscious of your environment all the time.





Choosing the coloration of your wall clock is one of the most necessary matters to do. You get wall clocks in each single colour. You can get them in both a combination of colors or in monochrome colours.


You additionally get traditional shade like bronze, silver-grey, black and maroon. Choosing the proper coloration is structured upon the shade of the wall only.

You can also have a fashion designer wall for which wall clocks in contrasting colorations make the best pair. For mild colored partitions like beige colour, you ought to go for darkish colored clocks. Wooden completed wall clocks are ideal for this too.

Dark shades can be matched with your furnishings also. Ensure that you don’t choose for too many darkish colors in the room that makes it appear gaudy. Instead, you can additionally go for contrasting colours. They seem special and supply an attractive look!

Another thing to seem to be is the shade of the dial. This need to have a mild heritage so that the numbers seem daring and clear. You can decide for double colored wall clocks so that they have a true distinction inside them.


If your room is colored with uncommon colorations like lavender, mild red then you can go for matching colours. There are wall clocks that come in properly hues and tints of pink, violet, orange etc.





With style, we imply to discuss about the structure and range fashion of the clock. Wall clocks are accessible in many shapes along with rectangular and circle.


These are some of the everyday shapes. Another frequent structure is the small model of the historic pendulum clocks. They are accessible in random shapes too.

Creative designs that seem like guitars, wheels, trees, peacock designs, stars and many extra are available. You can add them to your rooms in accordance to the purpose.


For a tune room, you can go for guitar or instrument designs, for bedrooms stars are a correct choice. Your dwelling rooms can be decorated with special designs like peacocks. Some have no numbers at all.


Designer wall clocks are handy even except a obvious glass on the front. They are so fashionable that they make the room appear extraordinary.

Unique hour/minute spikes are handy that go properly with the dial. You additionally get 3D clocks that have embossed numbers. Some are so current that they don’t seem to be like a clock however a ornamental piece.


You can fashion your location in a way that you like the most, and the usage of fashionable wall clocks is clearly one of them. Hanging wall clocks are additionally available.



Outer material


Wall clocks come in brass, wood, fibre, extremely good plastic fabric etc. Some are accessible in steel or shining substances too. Most of these substances are long lasting and can ultimate for a lengthy time.


The dressmaker portions are made out of substances like hardened plastic which come except any obvious coverings or are frameless.


A wide variety of recycled substances like CDs, strings are used to create DIY clocks too. These are offered in the market as well. Acrylic materials, 3D wall clock substances and frameless clocks are turning into the new style of today.


It is additionally critical to test for the guarantee of the wall clock for the material, battery lifestyles and different essential factors. This will assist you do a buy that is valuable.



Music or no music


In the traditional style, the pendulum strikes each hour in accordance to the time. The cuckoo clocks are nonetheless now not out of fashion. Many love the fowl coming and making melodious sounds.


This is preferred by using humans who love antique styles. Later clocks that play track each one hour had been introduced. There are no ticking sounds in such clocks however tender song performs as the clock strikes an hour.

In the end, it offers the time of the hour the usage of counting music. This is comparable to pendulum however has tune enjoying earlier than it offers the count.


People like this clocks typically in the dwelling rooms as it continues the room active. They additionally have sensors inside them that carry down the sounds when it is dark. So these are appropriate for bedrooms or kids’ room too.




Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the cause of shopping for a wall clock?

A wall clock can be used in any room the place you want time and some decoration. It typically used in dwelling rooms, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, offices, assembly halls etc.


The cause of choosing a wall clock is your choice. You can go for a ordinary clock if you choose to recognize the time. If you like your wall clock as a ornament in a room then there are masses of inventive designs to pick out from.



How to set up the wall clock?

An analog clock incorporates a minute hand and an hour hand for sure. The second’s hand may additionally or may also no longer be available. The longer hand is the minute hand whilst the smaller hand is known as the hour hand.


You can day trip a full rotation in the clock the usage of the minute hand. This completes one hour. In the identical way, you can trade the time and eventually land at the current time you choose to set.


Make positive that the batteries are in true situation earlier than inserting on the wall.



How to set time in a digital clock?

Digital clocks are on hand in two types; one is through the usage of an AC energy whilst the different makes use of batteries. Setting up a digital clock is very simple.


Most digital clocks have a button known as Clock Set or Time or simply Clock. Press and maintain this button and the show begins blinking. Now press the Hour button and then modify it via the usage of plus or minus signs.


Then end the minute’s placing in the equal way. To store the same, press the Clock Set again.



Where ought to I dangle the clock?

It is suggested to grasp the wall clock that permits you to view the clock from somewhere barring difficulty. Preferably it ought to be hanged and ought to be the proper measurement when it comes to the room.


Anything proportionately smaller or giant than your room can also make it truely small and unattractive!



How tall ought to the wall clock be in homes?

You can grasp wall clocks at a peak between fifty seven inches to 60 inches from the ground. This is for properties with a medium peak ceiling. If all the contributors are tall in the domestic you can go for 60 inches.


Also if the ceiling is greater than eight ft you will want a greater inch.



Is there a assurance for all wall clocks?

Yes. Most of the wall clocks from famend agencies like Ajanta provide sensible assurance to exchange the clock physique in case of damage. The battery lifestyles is additionally given a warranty.



How to cling an outsized clock?

Large wall clocks have large dials and are seen from any phase of the home. So you can put them excessive on the wall. This will make the clock appear smaller and additionally seen except making it seem to be odd.






So guys, it may feel that why think so much before buying a simple wall clock, but then time is important and if you do not follow your timing you will lag behind and that is why you need to invest your hard earned money on the best wall clock in India.


So, the article is provided by us, so that you can get an idea about the best wall clocks in India and you can invest your money on the best wall clock in India, and make sure to check all the products considering your and your family’s need.


Do let me know in the comments section below a feedback on this article.

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